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HiFi Sean

Ft. Excursions Vinyl LP

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Release Date: 22/04/2017

Discs: 1

April 22nd on Record Store Day will see the follow up release to the critically acclaimed album Ft. by Hifi Sean, the little sister of ‘Ft. entitled ‘Ft. Excursions’ If ‘Ft. was the party then this is the naughty 6am afterparty that you should not be at, think late night early morning smoky dub beats and poolside sunrise drift-aways. It has always been Sean’s dream to make a ‘Love & Dancing’ style post ‘Dare’ dub to one of his album releases and for many years and has tried to do this without achieving however this time with the help of a team of some top shelf producer friends he brings you ‘Ft. Excursions’

Onboard are mixers like ‘Jackie House’ from San Francisco’s disco deviants ‘Honey Soundsystem’, ‘Severino’ from London’s ‘Horse Meat Disco’ , Ray Mang dub specialist , left-field twisted beat twisters ‘In Flagranti’ , Midnight Riot records head honcho ‘Yam Who?’ and French slo mo beats escapist Azaxx’ plus many more have turned the album inside out upside down .

Hifi Sean is a DJ, Producer & Songwriter, currently known for his album ‘FT’, which he describes as ‘electronic, psychedelic soul’. Released in 2016, the album boasts collaborations with an extraordinarily diverse range of artists spanning some of the most significant underground musical icons of the past 40

‘FT’'s stellar collection of artists includes:- Yoko Ono, avant garde musician, conceptual art icon and one of the most controversial female artists of all time; Bootsy Collins widely regarded as one of the finest Funk/ RnB bass players in the world; Dave Ball co-founder of Soft Cell, the UK’s notorious synth pioneers with the uniquely sleazy electric soul; Fred Schneider from the manic, bizarre and highly innovative US new-wave group B-52’s and Alan Vega, vocalist of the seminal proto-punk New York duo Suicide. ‘FT’ has attracted significant critical praise - broke the top 20 album chart - tracks released from the album have also proved immensely popular. The animated promo for his Yoko Ono Collaboration ‘In Love with Life” received a share from Youtube themselves to their 66 million subscribers ,his current single “Testify” feat. Crystal Water topped reached #2 in the Shazam chart, #3 in the iTunes Dance chart and spent 3 months in the top 30 singles, and was further hyped at the start of the year by Black Madonna in her Radio 1 Essential Selection of acts to watch in 2017 for Pete Tong.


1. Monday morning sunshine (Ft. Jean Honeymoon) Sunset dub
2. Atomium (Ft. Bootsy Collins) Ray Mang & Severino dub revision
3. Like Josephine Baker (Ft. David McAlmont) Omnichord dub
4. 18th (Ft. Norman Blake) Azaxx late night reprise


1. Testify (Ft. Crystal Waters) In Flagranti replay
2. In love with life (Ft. Yoko Ono) Yam Who? re-work
3. A Kiss before dying (Ft. Alan Vega) Jackie House bullets workout
4. You're just another song (Ft. Little Annie) Le Mongrel midnight trip